Tutorial :Windows Server/.NET-based email dropbox implementation


We're developing a SaaS application, which, among other things, has to have email integration: whenever a user sends an email to a unique email address (such as dropbox+af74c123@example.com), our .NET service has to handle this message - pretty common nowadays, I guess.

Before starting to design anything, I'd like to know what is the approach for dealing with this. We have, though, several requirements:

  • Preferably, use only standard Windows Server 2008 (R2) components
  • Each customer has to have a unique email address
  • Provisioning of a new email address should be as painless as possible - preferably, email server should accept mail sent to any address and let the callback handle the rest
  • Avoid polling as much as possible - the email server has to notify our service of new messages


I know it's not a Server 2008 component, but you could avoiding polling if you use a custom server like this managed email server. Account management and handling are pretty straightforward. Free for commercial use and relaxed license. We have been using it for a year in production.

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