Tutorial :What’s the simplest way to call Http POST url using Delphi?


Inspired by the question What’s the simplest way to call Http GET url using Delphi? I really would like to see a sample of how to use POST. Preferably to receive XML from the call.

Added: What about including an image or other file in the post data?


Using Indy. Put your parameters in a StringList (name=value) and simply call Post with the URL and StringList.

function PostExample: string;  var    lHTTP: TIdHTTP;    lParamList: TStringList;  begin    lParamList := TStringList.Create;    lParamList.Add('id=1');      lHTTP := TIdHTTP.Create;    try      Result := lHTTP.Post('http://blahblahblah...', lParamList);    finally      lHTTP.Free;      lParamList.Free;    end;  end;  


Here's an example of using Indy to Post a JPEG to a webserver running Gallery

I've got more examples of this sort of stuff (I use them in a screensaver I wrote in Delphi for the Gallery project available here, or more info on the Gallery website here).

The important bit I suppose is that the JPEG gets passed in as a stream.

procedure AddImage(const AlbumID: Integer; const Image: TStream; const ImageFilename, Caption, Description, Summary: String);  var    Response: String;    HTTPClient: TidHTTP;    ImageStream: TIdMultipartFormDataStream;  begin      HTTPClient := TidHTTP.Create;      try      ImageStream := TIdMultiPartFormDataStream.Create;      try        ImageStream.AddFormField('g2_form[cmd]', 'add-item');        ImageStream.AddFormField('g2_form[set_albumId]', Format('%d', [AlbumID]));        ImageStream.AddFormField('g2_form[caption]', Caption);        ImageStream.AddFormField('g2_form[force_filename]', ImageFilename);        ImageStream.AddFormField('g2_form[extrafield.Summary]', Summary);        ImageStream.AddFormField('g2_form[extrafield.Description]', Description);          ImageStream.AddObject('g2_userfile', 'image/jpeg', Image, ImageFilename);          Response := HTTPClient.Post('http://mygallery.com/main.php?g2_controller=remote:GalleryRemote', ImageStream);      finally        ImageStream.Free;      end;    finally      HTTPClient.Free;    end;  end;  


Again, Synapse TCP/IP library to the rescue. Use the HTTPSEND routine HTTPPostURL.

function HttpPostURL(const URL, URLData: string; const Data: TStream): Boolean;  

Your URL would be the resource to post too, the URLDATA would be the form data, and your XML results would come back as a stream in DATA.

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