Tutorial :What does ACM stand for?


I see that phpBB uses the term often to describe things like XCache, ACP, eAccelerator: http://wiki.phpbb.com/display/DEV/Cache, but what does ACM actually stand for?

I understand that all of these are PHP caching mechanisms and I use XCache myself, but I could not find what "ACM" actually translates to.


I'm not a phpBB expert, but from a quick search I would guess it means Advanced Cache Manager.


According to this document it is their custom structure for controlling cache. If it has a translation, it is probably something local to the phpBB developers.


I believe that it stand for Association for Computing Machinery. They may have created a few functions to enable software re-usability or advanced cache manager.


ACM stand for Audio Compressor Manager. See Audio Compression Manager on MSDN.

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