Tutorial :SQL to select rows that match a URL with wildcard


I have a table in the db with one column containing a URL like http://example.com/users/*/profile

I am given a URL (like http://example.com/users/234/profile) and want to select all the rows in the db that match the url (in this case * is a wildcard).

I was thinking of using Regex to do this, by replacing the * with regex for any character. But am unsure as to what the SQL or LINQ code should be for the selection.

Do you guys have any ideas?


Unless I am missing something obvious, this should just require a simple LIKE query.

SELECT *  FROM YourTable  WHERE URL LIKE 'http://example.com/users/%/'  

Regex is overkill and tricky in SQL queries.

Note: The % character is the equivalent of the * wildcard in SQL expressions.

If you want to use LINQ and are only working against SQL Server, you can use this syntax:

var results =          from yt in YourTable          where SqlMethods.Like(yt.URL, "http://example.com/users/%/")          select yt;  


It's as simple as doing a like, but replacing the * character by the % character since it's the wildcard character used by T-SQL (I am assuming you are on SQL Server since this is C# and Linq related)

SELECT *   FROM YourTable  WHERE @TheUrlIWantToMatch LIKE REPLACE(URL, '*', '%')  

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