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I've had trouble finding simple guides/examples for basic sockets in Objective-C (using NSSocketPort with NSFileHandle or using CFSocket/CSNetwork). Can anyone recommend a guide or a useful example? I would appreciate this greatly! I have tried to use this, but it is incomplete. Thanks!

P.S. I have been stuck in this part of my project for awhile and am starting to get desperate for some help.


The easiest way I've found to do this is the Cocoa Async Socket class:


It's pretty straight forward to use, there's good html documentation included.


I know I am submitting answer to an very old question. In case you(visitor/stackoverflow {lover/users}) want to code your own asynchronous socket. All you need to do is detach native socket handle from connected CFSocketRef object.

void TCPClientCallBackHandler(CFSocketRef s, CFSocketCallBackType callbacktype,CFDataRef address, const void *data,void *info){        ClientSocket *obj_client_ptr=(__bridge ClientSocket*)info;      switch (callbacktype) {          case kCFSocketConnectCallBack :              if(data){                  [obj_client_ptr StopClient];              }              else{ //detach socket started                    CFSocketNativeHandle handle=CFSocketGetNative(s);                  CFSocketSetSocketFlags(s, 0);                  CFSocketInvalidate(s);                  CFRelease(s);                  s=nil;//detach socket ended                    [obj_client_ptr ConfigureStream:handle];                  // handle pass to CFStreamCreatePairWithSocket then bridge to NSStream              }              break;          }  }  

if still not got it, then watch it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJP4nysTmnI

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