Tutorial :Set flex application size


I have set the size of the application container width="1040" height="716"

When I run the application, I get a clipped version of the application. I am using a 1024 X 768 monitor. I understand that the size of the application is greater than than of the available browser space, so where do I set the application to have scroll to show the full application.

Methods tried:

  1. Set scroll policy for application container (will not work because the browser needs to have scrolls not application)
  2. Set scroll="yes" in body tag of the wrapper html.
  3. Set size in the width and height of the flashvars of the wrapper html.

Nothing has resolved the issue yet. Any help would be appreciated.



The issue was in the html wrapper being generated. The html had a line body { margin: 0px; overflow:hidden }

this was clipping the content. I changed it to body { margin: 0px; overflow:auto }

Thanks for all your help


in the head of you mxml add

verticalScrollPolicy="auto" (use autocomplete to get the exact words) same for horizonatalScrollPolicy

This decides if an application is allowed to show scroll bars.


But that's not user-friendly. Normally, you should avoid horzontal scrolling at any cost (vertical scrolling is fine). How often do you still see web pages with horizontal scrolling?

Can you not adjust the layout so that it fits horizontally, designed for 1024 X 768? If it doesn't fit horizontally, adjust it so that it extends vertically.

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