Tutorial :Send Div id to javascript via onclick


I have a page with several div's. All of the divs have a unique id. I would like to send that id to a javascript function. I have tried to save it as a value as well, and send this.value, but that does not work either.

<div class='recordElem$val' id='$rname' value='$rname'  onclick='javascript:updateRecord(this.value);'>          $name</div>"  


Here is a jQuery answer

  <script type="text/javascript" src="js/jquery-1.4.2.min.js"></script>      <script type="text/javascript">     function clicked(item) {      alert($(item).attr("id"));     }    </script>        <div onclick="clicked(this);" id="test">test</div>  


Have a look at two ways to solve this problem

<html>  <body>      <div id="scopeId" onclick="javascript:testScope.call(this)">Using scope</div>      <div id="parameterId" onclick="javascript:testId(this.id)">Using Parameter</div>      <script>          function testScope(){              alert("Scope: " + this.id)          }          function testId(id){              alert("Parameter: " + id)          }      </script>  </body>  </html>  


Use onclick="updateRecord(this)" and handle it like this:

function updateRecord(div) {    // statements    var id = div.id; // or however you want to use the id    // statements  }  


You can assign php variables value to javascript variable value. Then you can use it onclick example:

<script language="javascript">      var a=<?php echo $tabs['menu_id']; ?>        </script>        <a href="index.php" onclick="show_center(a);">pass it</a>  

Here we can pass javascript's variable to function.


How about passing this.id to the javascript function?

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