Tutorial :Selecting values from 2 javascript variables


I have got 2 javascript variables:

var list1 = "john doe|bill williams|poll bregg|michael jordan";  var list2 = "analytic|trader|doctor|athlete";  

We have to take in mind, that relations between this two variables are that names and professions are placed in the same order, eg. poll bregg is a doctor, but john doe is an analytic.

Than I need to create a function, which is going give me 2nd variable value based on 1st variable selected value. For example:

function getProfession(name){      ...      return profession;  }  

Can you suggest a solution or give a clue?! Perhaps I have to use array of array or smth like this?!


You may find it easier to use the hashtable nature of JavaScript objects instead:

var professions = {};              // our hashtable    var list1 = "john doe|bill williams|poll bregg|michael jordan".split('|');  var list2 = "analytic|trader|doctor|athlete".split('|');    for (var i = 0; i < list1.length; i++) {     professions[list1[i]] = list2[i];  }  

Then you can get the professions by using the subscript syntax:

alert(professions['john doe']);    // returns "analytic"  


var persons = {};  var list1 = "john doe|bill williams|poll bregg|michael jordan".split("|");  var list2 = "analytic|trader|doctor|athlete".split("|");  for (var i in list1) {      persons[list1[i]] = list2[i];  }    function getProfession(name) {      return persons[name];  }  


You can do in this way, using split and indexOf Javascript functions:

var list1 = "john doe|bill williams|poll bregg|michael jordan";  var list2 = "analytic|trader|doctor|athlete";    var names = list1.split("|");  var professions = list2.split("|");    function getProfession(name){      var index = names.indexOf(name);        return professions[index];  }    alert(getProfession('poll bregg'));  

Full example in: http://jsfiddle.net/zQXjd/


the code could be like this.

var list1 = "john doe|bill williams|poll bregg|michael jordan";  var list2 = "analytic|trader|doctor|athlete";  var name_array=new Array();  var profession_array=new Array();  name_array=list1.split("|");      profession_array=list2.split("|");      function getProfession(name)      {      for (i=0;i<name_array.length;i++)      {          if(name==name_array[i])          {               return profession_array[i];          }      }      return "Not in list";      }  

The code is possible if only the data is in the specified format.


Its better to use the array like this:

var persons = new Array();  persons[0] = new Array();  persons[0]["name"] = "John Doe";  persons[0]["proffesion"] = "Analytic";  persons[1] = new Array();  persons[1]["name"] = "Bill Williams";  persons[1]["proffesion"] = "Trader";  etc...  

and than you can iterate it like a normal array:

for(i in persons)     alert(persons[i]["name"]+" - "+persons[i]["proffesion"]);  


Instead of 2 variabled you can use one object to get your functionality -

var profession = { "john doe" : "analytic",             "bill williams" : "trader",             "poll bregg" : "doctor",             "michael jordan" : "athlete"           };  

Then in function you can use this as -

function getProfession(name) {        return profession[name];    }  

From maintainence point of view also, this is easier for you to add new elements and remove existing elements.

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