Tutorial :scanf is not working in report


#include <stdio.h>  #include <unistd.h>  //#include <iostream.h>  #include <sys/types.h>  #include <sys/wait.h>     #include <sys/types.h>    int t_array[100];  int h_array[100];  int race_length=0;    void cursor(int y)  {      int i;      printf("%c[%d;%df",0x1B,y,0);  }    void turtle_fun()  {         int Ti=0;        while(Ti<=race_length-1)      {      //cursor(10);             //  printf("t      ");      //  fflush(stdout);               Ti++;          sleep(3);      }    }    void hare_fun(int rh[])  {      int k;      int i=0;      char pos_h;        while(i<=race_length-1)      {      //  cursor(5);  //printf("h ");  //  fflush(stdout);          read(rh[0],&pos_h,1);          if(pos_h==1) write(rh[1],&i,1);          i++;          sleep(1);      }    }    void god_fun(pid_t id)  {  }    void report_fun(int rh[],int rg[],int rt[])  {         int k,m,pos;      int pos_h,pos_t;        close(rh[1]);        if(k=fork()==0) hare_fun(rh);      else      {          if(fork()==0) turtle_fun();          else          {                     printf("press 1 to know current position \n");              fflush(stdout);              scanf("%d\n",&pos);                if(pos==1) write(rh[1],&pos,1);                 read(rh[0],&pos_h,1);               printf("H%d|T\n",pos_h);               printf("j");                 //while(h_comp!=1||c!=1);*/           }        }    }    void main()  {      int rg[2],rh[2],rt[2],gh[2],gt[2],ht[2];      int child_id;      pid_t cpid;        printf("what is the length of the race");      scanf("%d",&race_length);      cpid=fork();        if(cpid==0)      {          pipe(rg);          pipe(rh);          pipe(rt);          report_fun(rh,rg,rt);      }      else      {                 pipe(gh);          pipe(gt);          god_fun(cpid);      }    }     


Don't include \n in your scanf() format string, this might cause your program to wait for two enters.

So in report_fun() change





In main() you call report_fun() in the child process instead of the parent. You might want to reverse the if (cpuid == 0) test.

And please, use int main(void) instead of void main() and end your main function with return 0;.

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