Tutorial :Reading CSV/xlsx file in FLEX AIR



I have a requirement to read CSV/Xlsx file in my FLEX AIR.

var strFilePath :String = File.applicationDirectory.nativePath + "\Test.xlsx"; var recurFile :File = new File(strFilePath);
var stream :FileStream = new FileStream(); stream.open(recurFile, FileMode.READ); var content :String = String(stream.readUTFBytes(stream.bytesAvailable)); But variable content always has "PK.." .. is some hexadecimal character.

I tried to laod using URLLoader but still got same result.

Please give me correct code to read xlsx/csv files.


You might want to check out the following library:


CSV files are a lot easier to handle, and there are some good looking tutes if you Google for 'Read CSV file in AIR'

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