Tutorial :Python Application does nothing


This code stopped doing anything at all after I changed something that I no longer remember

#Dash Shell  import os  import datetime    class LocalComputer:      pass    def InitInformation():      Home = LocalComputer()      #Acquires user information      if (os.name == "nt"):          Home.ComputerName = os.getenv("COMPUTERNAME")          Home.Username = os.getenv("USERNAME")          Home.Homedir = os.getenv("HOMEPATH")      else:          Home.ComputerName = os.getenv()          Home.Username = os.getenv("USER")          Home.Homedir = os.getenv("HOME")      return Home    def MainShellLoop():      print ("--- Dash Shell ---")      Home = InitInformation()      userinput = None      currentdir = Home.Homedir      while (userinput != "exit"):          rightnow = datetime.datetime.now()          try:              userinput = input(str(Home.ComputerName) + "\\" + str(Home.Username) + ":" + str(rightnow.month) + "/" + str(rightnow.day) + "/" + str(rightnow.year) + "@" + str(currentdir))          except:              print("Invalid Command specified, please try again")    MainShellLoop()  

edit: Lol sorry guys forgot to say its supposed to run the input


You should better describe your problem. Does it print the input prompt? Does it output anything? Does it exit or just sit there? I noticed a few issues while reading over this code that might help. You should be using raw_input(), not input(). Also, you don't actually do anything with userinput unless it == 'exit'. Which is won't, because you are just using input(), not raw_input(), so the person would have to enter 'exit' (including quotes) or else the loop will never exit. (Assuming it's not Python 3 Code)


It's doing nothing because there's no code to make it do anything. Try inserting a line like

print("You entered:", userinput)  

at an appropriate place in your loop.


os.getenv() must have at least one param. Try os.getenv("HOST") or something.

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