Tutorial :Programmatically run at startup on Linux?


How do I programmatically set an executable on Linux to run when the user logs in?

Basically, the equivalent of the HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run registry key in Windows.


For gnome on Linux, place a .desktop file referring to your application in ~/config/autostart/, the format is fairly simple:

[Desktop Entry]  Type=Application  Exec=foo  Hidden=false  NoDisplay=false  X-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=true  Name=foo  

and you will have to set the exec bit for this file (chmod +x)

If you are shipping on Linux, you should create one of these anyway and place it in the menus.

For KDE on Linux you should create a symbolic link to your program's executable in the folder ~/.kde/Autostart/


If you don't have GNOME, you'd typically put your commands in a shell's .profile or .rc, or in startx if you want this to run in/before your X-environment. You could also hook something into your gdm scripts/.rcs or whatever login manager you have.

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