Tutorial :Pretty hg branch graphs


With hg, how I can see in command line the branches graphs? Similar to

git log --pretty=oneline --graph  


For Mercurial 2.3 and up, use

hg log -G  

For older Mercurial, you need to first install the the graphlog extension which will enable the above command. The graphlog extension also adds an alias

hg glog  

in all versions of Mercurial.


You can create custom templates and aliases in hg. For instance, create an alias in your .hgrc as follows:

[alias]  lg = log --template "{label('custom.rev', rev)}\t{label('custom.phase',phase)}\t{label('custom.tag',tags)}\t{desc|firstline} {label('custom.age', date|age)} {label('custom.user', author|user)}\n"    [color]  custom.rev = yellow  custom.phase = bold  custom.user = cyan  custom.age = bold  custom.tag = bold yellow  

and invoke it with

hg lg -G

The output will be like this.

enter image description here

Jordi has some awesome aliases in his blog

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