Tutorial :Object propert is an integer, have to use regex to clean input, looking for good style


I have some text that looks like:


My object has a property that I need to assign the value 2342 to.

I'm looking for input on how to go about doing this, and guarding against any potential for errors in the input.

c = SomeClass()    c.count = re.compile(r'(\d*)').groups[0]  

Does that look ok? Or should I do an IF statement and set the count to 0 in case the input was bad?

P.S any help in the regex would be appreciated, this is my first serious python script.


import re    pat = re.compile(r'\w+\((\d+)\)')    s = 'California(2342)'  match = pat.match(s)  if match:      c.count = match.group(1)      print c.count      # '2342'  else:      c.count = '0'  # or 0 if numeric  

If you want a number back instead of a string just modify:

value = int(match.group(1))  

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