Tutorial :Mod Player for iphone


I'm wondering if anyone has knowledge of any kind of modplayer library for iphone? I've searched, but couldn't find anything.


MikMod for the mac uses CoreAudio, so it might "just work" on the iPhone.


I successfully implemented a mod/s3m player on the iPhone using Audio Queue Services.


I have a chiptune player nearly finished : it's based on modplug for the module part. basically it is as simple as recompiling the lib (modplug) and interface it with an audio buffer queue, as stated by Manuel. here's a quick video of my stuff : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGJ560-qAio

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For a non-app version, it may be worth checking out Matt Westcott's JSModPlayer: http://matt.west.co.tt/music/jsmodplayer/

It is Javascript and heavily under development, already there is a fork of it on GitHub. It does work though, but is a bit of a CPU hog!

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