Tutorial :Migration from Delphi BDE - IBO or FIBPlus?


I would like to know the better alternatives to the Delphi BDE. We have this huge application using Firebird 1.5 and BDE, and would like to consider the following alternatives:

  1. IBObjects
  2. FIBPlus

The migration will involve conversion to Firebird 2.5 dialect 3.

Can I get your ideas on which one is better? Your input is highly appreciated.

Thank you.


I have never used IBObjects because I was quite happy with FibPlus. FibPlus datasets support interesting "separate transactions" feature that makes possible to write applications which are very similar to BDE applications but at the same time use Firebird transactions more effectively and support other Firebird specific features. I have written some beginner's notes about using FibPlus that may be helpful as a starting point.


Both components are very good. Migrating from BDE will be easier with IBO, because it has components with the same property and methods names used in the "BDE" ones, and you can use the GReplace utility to change all the declarations from "BDE" to "IBO", ie: TQuery to TIBOQuery, etc. Check more info at http://www.ibobjects.com/ibo_help/convertbdetoibo.htm Anyway, you should understand how IBO works to fine tune your application after the conversion.

It would be easier to migrate to FIBPlus if your app was using IBX instead of BDE.

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