Tutorial :Looking for some good GUI testing frameworks/gui automation test tools for Windows Forms .NET [closed]


I am looking for a good GUI testing framework/automation testing tool for windows forms based apps.

Can you recommend any ?


I have used White in the past with some success. It also has a White.NUnit component which that allows you to integrate your tests into NUnit.

When I used it, it was relatively easy to investigate the UI, get hold of buttons, menus, etc.., click them, and then verify that the correct things happened - all from C#. Combined with NUnit asserts, it enables you to verify the UI behaves as you expect. I did have some problems with some types of controls not working properly. It has moved on a bit since I last used it so you may have more luck with the latest version.


I've had good experience with AutomatedQA, although I've mainly used it for testing web apps rather than standalone Windows apps. It's much better value than most of the other commercial tools and has a good feature set and choice of scripting languages.

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