Tutorial :linker error in mouse interfacing


The linker gives error that overflow at initgraph and close graph

#include<dos.h>  #define DETECT 0  union REGS in,out;  void detectmouse()//no declaration(prototype)?  {      in.x.ax=0;      int86(0x33,&in,&out);      if(out.x.ax==0)      {          printf("Fail to initialize the mouse.");      }      else      {      printf("Mouse succesfully initialized.");      }      getch();  }    void showmousegraphics()//show mouse in graphics mode  {      int driver=DETECT,mode;      initgraph(&driver,&mode,"c:\\tc\\bgi");      in.x.ax=1;      int86(0X33,&in,&out);      getch();      closegraph();  }  void main()  {      detectmouse();      showmousegraphics();    }  


Ahh, you're probably using some old compiler for DOS. In that case, you have to choose large memory model when compiling, so that you can have more than 64kB of code.

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