Tutorial :jQuery Validation Plugin - Submit only after checking a variable


I have done some small validation myself and end up with either - myvalid = true or mayvalid = false. How can add this check to the validation I am doing already on my form using the Validation Plugin?


You can use .addMethod() to add custom validation methods to the Validation plugin.



Here's an example you can test: http://jsfiddle.net/W8EsU/


<form id='theForm'>      <input id='test_field' name='test_field' value='jQuery' />      <br>      <input id='test_field2' name='test_field2' value='prototypejs' />  </form>​  


   // Add a validation method to the validator plugin     //    that can be applied as a rule to whatever fields     //    you want. That way you get your custom validation     //    integrated into the functionality of the plugin  $.validator.addMethod(      "mustIncludejQuery",       function(value, element) {           return value.toLowerCase().indexOf('jquery') > -1;      },       "You must type jQuery to be valid."  );        // Apply the custom validation to the fields  $('#theForm').validate({     rules: {         test_field:'mustIncludejQuery',         test_field2:'mustIncludejQuery'     }  });        // Demonstrates that they will be executed      //    like any other validation rule.  $('#theForm').valid();  ​  

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