Tutorial :Java: resume Download in URLConnection


I wrote a program that downloads some files from some servers.
Currently program works properly.
But I want to add resume support to it.
I'm doing it like this But the result file is corrupted:

....    File fcheck=new File(SaveDir+"/"+filename);  if(resumebox.isSelected() && fcheck.exists()){      connection.setRequestProperty("Range", "Bytes="+(fcheck.length())+"-");  }    connection.setDoInput(true);  connection.setDoOutput(true);    BufferedInputStream in = new BufferedInputStream (connection.getInputStream());     pbar.setIndeterminate(false);  pbar.setStringPainted(true);    java.io.FileOutputStream fos ;  if(resumebox.isSelected()){      if(fcheck.exists()){          if(connection.getHeaderField("Accept-Ranges").equals("bytes")){              fos = new java.io.FileOutputStream(SaveDir+"/"+filename,true);          }else{              fos = new java.io.FileOutputStream(SaveDir+"/"+filename);          }      }else{          fos = new java.io.FileOutputStream(SaveDir+"/"+filename);      }  }else{      fos = new java.io.FileOutputStream(SaveDir+"/"+filename);  }    ....  

I'm Testing it on a server that I know supports resume.
I downloaded some bytes.(72720)
Then Tried to resume it.
Then I opened file with a Hex editor , At offset 72720 the first Bytes are repeated:
Bytes 0-36: FLV.............«..........onMetaData
Bytes 72720-72756: FLV.............«..........onMetaData
It Starts download from the begining!
While when I do it by wget it does correctly and responses by Content-Range field!
Server responses with "302 FOUND" and a "206 Partial Content" in wget log.
Can "302 FOUND" cause the problem?

What is the problem ?



connection.setRequestProperty("Range", "bytes=" + fcheck.length() + "-");  

Lowercase the range specifier per the spec. Also, if your partial file was 500 bytes, that means your byte range that you have is 0-499, and you want 500+.


The problem is in (fcheck.length() - 1): this should be fcheck.length().

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