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I am trying to read the an xml configuration from a jar file deployed to dm-server

here is the code

Reader fileReader = null;  try {   fileReader = new FileReader("test.xml");  } catch (FileNotFoundException fnfex) {   fnfex.printStackTrace();  } catch (IOException ioex) {   ioex.printStackTrace();  }  

i was able to read it if i just write a junit test w/o the jar and w/o the dm-server.

the test is packed into the jar and is at the root of the jar file.

please help!!!!

thanks, A


You need to use the Class's getResource or getResourceAsStream methods to read files from within the jar.

This can be done like this:

Reader fileReader = null;    InputStream is = this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/test.xml");  if (null != is) {      fileReader = new InputStreamReader(is);  }  

Note that getResourceAsStream returns null if it can't find the file.

Edit: Corrected test.xml to /test.xml

Also note that the Class<T> version of getResourceAsStream defers to the ClassLoader's getResourceAsStream or getSystemResourceAsStream as appropriate.


ClassLoader.getResourceAsStream() will allow you to read resources from within a .jar file. If your file is at the root of the .jar file then:


will give you an InputStream from that file.

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