Tutorial :Is there a better way to hold a file path than in a string?


I am making a command line utility. I need to pass around a few file paths in the program.

Right now I am just using string. But I was wondering if the .net library had a cool class for passing around file paths.


Strings are the best way to store paths.

If you need to modify or work with the path, though, you should use System.IO.Path.

If you want something that is a little more robust and can actually interact with files/directories you could also check out FileInfo and DirectoryInfo. Keep in mind, though, that both of these are awfully heavy if you just need to store the path.


Well, there's FileInfo - that's about as close as you get.


The Base Class Library represents paths as strings but there are open source alternatives. NDepend.Helpers.FileDirectoryPath is a open source library for manipulating paths in a strongly typed way.


DirectoryInfo objects can hold filepaths and any relevant information about the directory, FileInfo can hold information and path of individual files as well.

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