Tutorial :Is there anything like Eclipse Perspective in Visual Studio?


I was wondering if there's anything like Eclipse Perspectives in Visual Studio (2008 or 2010).

For those unfamiliar with Eclipse, here's a definition of Perspectives:

A perspective is a visual container for a set of views and editors (parts). These parts exist wholly within the perspective and are not shared. A perspective is also like a page within a book. It exists within a window along with any number of other perspectives and, like a page within a book, only one perspective is visible at any time.

Let me give you a visual example:

Java Perspective: Java Perspective

SVN Repository Perspective: SVN Repository Perspective

Maybe there is nothing like that straight out of the box, but with some plugin. If that's the case, it'll also be a valid answer.

Thanks for your time.


I used Brian's blog post as a starting point and made a VS2010 extension: http://perspectives.codeplex.com/

More info here: http://csharpening.net/blog/?p=292

It's probably not as complete as the VSWindowManager but lets you save your configurations and create new ones. Let me know if it works out!


I found this http://vswindowmanager.codeplex.com/ but it's for 2005.. there is a branch for 2008 in the source code but i don't know if it works... I think I'll give it a try and post any results...

It would be great if it works also for 2010!!! When you work in 1024*768 it's really annoying to rezise the windows every two seconds!!!

Good luck!!


You can check out my blog post which provides the ability to list and switch window layouts in Vs2008 and Vs2010: http://www.brianschmitt.com/2010/09/save-and-change-tool-layout-in-visual.html

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