Tutorial :Is it possible to use Windows 7 Task scheduler in own application


I'm developing add-on based application. Every add-on use scheduler. Loaded add-on schedule task. My application run only one instance. Sometimes application closed, sometimes running. Therefore i need to use Windows 7 Task scheduler

How to use task scheduler on own application?

I need create new task from application
I need that when task finish, Send message to my application or invoke any function of my application
Is it possible?
How to do it?


Check out this project at CodeProject.

A New Task Scheduler Class Library for .NET


If you want to interact with the Windows 7 Scheduled Tasks system from your code to create, manage, or delete a task that is no problem. (I cover this in the Windows 7 course I wrote for Pluralsight.) Add a COM reference to TaskScheduler and you then do this sort of thing:

ITaskService scheduler = new TaskSchedulerClass();  scheduler.Connect(null, null, null, null);    ITaskFolder rootFolder = scheduler.GetFolder("\\");  ITaskFolder folder = rootFolder.GetFolders(0).Cast<ITaskFolder>().FirstOrDefault(      f => f.Name == "Windows7Course");    if (folder == null)  {      folder = rootFolder.CreateFolder("Windows7Course", null);  }    ITaskDefinition task = scheduler.NewTask(0);  IExecAction action = (IExecAction)task.Actions.Create(_TASK_ACTION_TYPE.TASK_ACTION_EXEC);    action.Path = typeof(SayHello.Form1).Assembly.Location;  action.WorkingDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(typeof(SayHello.Form1).Assembly.Location);    ISessionStateChangeTrigger trigger = (ISessionStateChangeTrigger)task.Triggers.Create(      _TASK_TRIGGER_TYPE2.TASK_TRIGGER_SESSION_STATE_CHANGE);    trigger.StateChange = _TASK_SESSION_STATE_CHANGE_TYPE.TASK_SESSION_UNLOCK;    task.Settings.DisallowStartIfOnBatteries = true;    task.RegistrationInfo.Author = "Kate Gregory";  task.RegistrationInfo.Description = "Launches a greeting.";    IRegisteredTask ticket = folder.RegisterTaskDefinition(      "GreetReturningUser",       task,       (int)_TASK_CREATION.TASK_CREATE_OR_UPDATE,       null,       null,       _TASK_LOGON_TYPE.TASK_LOGON_INTERACTIVE_TOKEN,       null);  

This particular sample runs an exe that is in the same solution (another project). You would have to adjust the Action.Path, Action.WorkingDirectory etc to meet your needs.


Thanks for the excellent example Kate, I rue that in my wanderings I didn't come across your code first.

I've had a merry dance with registering scheduled tasks via c# code and unsurprisingly have had to tweak my schedule creation code as I encounter roadblocks on one environment that I hadn't encountered on any previously. I hope I've arrived at the most robust code and thought it might also be of benefit to others if I share some things you might try if encountering environmental issues:

  • Put the path to the executable in double quotes
  • Do not put the working folder in quotes
  • Once the task is created, if you make subsequent changes, call the ask.RegisterChanges(); - it may be worth setting the task.Definition.Principal.RunLevel = TaskRunLevel.Highest;
  • I typically default to a System account to run the task, but in some network environments I've encountered issues which I was unable to fathom but was able to resolve by providing a user account for the task to run under.

all the best Matt

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