Tutorial :Is it possible for a greasemonkey script to automate the Ctrl+A (select all) action in firefox?


Is it possible to write a Greasemonkey script to trigger the Ctrl+A (select all) action in Firefox? (after a new page is loaded if the script is enabled???)

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"Firefox has got addons to speed read or read aloud selected text. I just wish to automate the part where text is to be selected."


var r = document.createRange()  r.selectNode(document.body)  window.getSelection().addRange(r)  

I tried creating a new Greasemonkey script, typing the above code (which I grabbed and edited from this page), and loading a page.

It did select all the text, but for some pages, it becomes unselected immediately. For example, Google's homepage, because the page focuses the search field.

Update by BA:

This didn't work on Google because it's fighting native scripts. But, by re-running the code at onload and again after, we can preserve the selection.

Also, if the native script sets focus to an input or textarea, we must fight that.

So, a Greasemonkey script that incorporates all these ideas, and seems to work is:

//--- Save this as "SelectWholePage.user.js" and install with Greasemonkey.  //  // ==UserScript==  // @name            Select a whole page  // @namespace       google.com  // @description     Selects a whole page (equivalent to 'Ctrl-A').  // @include         http://www.google.com/*  // ==/UserScript==  //    /*--- Run the main function 3 times (when DOM ready, at load and just after      load) because page javascript will often reset the focus and selection.  */  LocalMain ();  window.addEventListener  (      "load",      function(evt)      {          LocalMain ();          window.setTimeout (LocalMain, 222);      },      false  );    function LocalMain ()  {      var WholePage       = document.createRange ();      WholePage.selectNode (document.body);        window.getSelection ().addRange (WholePage);        var aInputs         = document.getElementsByTagName ("input");        for (var J = aInputs.length-1;  J>0;  J--)          aInputs[J].blur ();        document.body.focus ();  }  

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