Tutorial :How to install J2ME .jar files in remote devices without pairing?


I am developing a J2ME application to run in public areas, like supermarkets, shopping centers, etc. So, I want to make possible to install my application in every mobile phones nearby via bluetooth. My intention is to create a separate J2SE application to perform a device discovery and look for OBEX services. After that, ask the user to install the application.

I have tried using javax.microedition.io.Connector, but it always requires a both side (client and server) pass-key.

OBEXClientSessionImpl conn = (OBEXClientSessionImpl) Connector.open(serviceUrl);  

I have also found obex-install, which does what I want but the pairing problem persists.

Is there a way to send/install .jar files programatically via bluetooth without pairing or using a fixed PIN number so I can't repeat it in server side?

Thanks in advance, Fernando


I developed a java application to do exactly what you pretend (scan and try to transfer the file to all the devices found) using bluecove and it worked fine on the initial tests. I am considering in the midterm future to opensource the tool or sell it.

Answering your question what I use is something like this (simplified version):

    // @todo: scan for devices      // @todo: for each device search obex push service      String deviceObexUrl = serviceRecords[i].getConnectionURL(ServiceRecord.NOAUTHENTICATE_NOENCRYPT, false);        // send file      ClientSession clientSession = (ClientSession) Connector.open(deviceObexUrl);      HeaderSet hsConnectReply = clientSession.connect(null);      if (hsConnectReply.getResponseCode() != ResponseCodes.OBEX_HTTP_OK) {          return false;      }        byte data[] = readAllFile(file);        HeaderSet headerSet = clientSession.createHeaderSet();      headerSet.setHeader(HeaderSet.NAME, file.getName());      headerSet.setHeader(HeaderSet.TYPE, mimeType);      headerSet.setHeader(HeaderSet.LENGTH, new Long(data.length));      Operation op = clientSession.put(headerSet);        OutputStream outputStream = op.openOutputStream();      // @todo: write all data and close outputStream, op and clientSession  


It would be easier by using http OTA download. put your j2me jar file on a website, then you can let your client redirect to this website to download the jar file. you don't need the pass-key for OTA download.


What you're trying to do (sending files to a mobile device via OBEX) should be entirely possible without pairing. It sounds like you are trying to connect using authentication.

Try including the parameter "authenticate=false" in your connection URL (e.g. btgoep://0123456789abcde:1;authenticate=false).

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