Tutorial :How do you open a terminal with a specific path already cd'ed to?


How do I use the terminal to open another terminal window but with a path I specify?

I am using automator to load my work stuff when I get to work, but I need to know how to do this:

Open Terminal and Type:
• cd Work/Company/Project/
• script/server

And then new tab in that terminal window and cd to the same folder.


This opens a new terminal window from a command prompt on Mac OSX , executes "cd /" and then keeps the window on top:

osascript -e 'tell application "terminal"' -e 'do script "cd /"' -e 'end tell'  

You can put this into a script like this:

#!/bin/sh  osascript -e 'tell application "terminal"' -e "do script \"cd $1\"" -e 'end tell'  

Hope this helps.


Use an applescript to do this.

e.g. Open Terminal Here


You can write a shell script to cd to that directory

So write a script that executes something like cd /user/music or something like that, save it as myscript.sh and run it using chmod +x myscript.sh.

This resource from the OS X developer network is pretty helpful


The two scripts below together handle the common scenarios:

1) If Terminal is already running, open a new terminal window and run the 'cd mydir' there

2) If terminal is not already running, use the initial window that Terminal spawns (window 0), rather than annoyingly launching a second window

NOTE: what's not quite perfect is if Terminal has several windows open, all of them will be brought to the front, overlapping any other apps. A solution to raising only the last terminal window to the front appears to require the black magic of AppleScriptObjC - references below:

https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/39204/script-to-raise-a-single-window-to-the-front http://tom.scogland.com/blog/2013/06/08/mac-raise-window-by-title/

Script 1 - open a text editor and save as:


#!/bin/sh  osascript `dirname $0`/terminal-here.scpt $1 > /dev/null 2> /dev/null  

Script 2 - open 'AppleScript Editor', paste contents below and save as:


# AppleScript to cd (change directory) to a path passed as an argument    # If Terminal.app is running, the script will open a new window and cd to the path  # If Terminal.app is NOT running, we'll use the window that Terminal opens automatically on launch    # Run script with passed arguments (if any)  on run argv      if (count of argv) > 0 then          # There was an argument passed so consider it to be the path          set mypath to item 1 of argv      else          # Since no argument was passed, default to the home directory          set mypath to "~"      end if      tell application "System Events"          if (count (processes whose bundle identifier is "com.apple.Terminal")) is 0 then              # Terminal isn't running so we'll make sure to run the 'cd' in Terminal's first window (0)              tell application "/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app"                  # Turn off echo, run the 'cd', clear screen, empty the scrollback, re-enable echo                  do script "stty -echo; cd " & (mypath as text) & ";clear; printf \"\\e[3J\"; stty echo" in window 0                  activate last window              end tell          else              # Terminal is already running so we'll let it open a new window for our 'cd' command              tell application "/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app"                  # Turn off echo, run the 'cd', clear screen, empty the scrollback, re-enable echo                  do script "stty -echo; cd " & (mypath as text) & ";clear; printf \"\\e[3J\"; stty echo"                  activate last window              end tell          end if      end tell  end run  

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