Tutorial :How do I stop the browser storing form data which user entered in text fields


I dont know whether this simple task or not, but I tried to search in google but couldn't find anything.

I've a asp.net form and user enters some data in the text boxes provided. Whenever user submits the form, browser will save that form data. I don't want this form data to be saved in browser. How can I restrict the browser saving this form data without touching the browser settings?

Application is developed using asp.net and normal text boxes are used here.


I'm guessing you mean you want the browser to stop remembering values entered, i.e. the browser's autocomplete?

<input type="text" name="text1" autocomplete="off">  

Or this will work in FF and IE, but it's not XHTML standard:

<form name="form1" id="form1" autocomplete="off" />  

Note that autocomplete is only defined in the HTML 5 standards, so it will break any validations you run against HTML 4.

If not, on PostBack, just clear the inputs:

TextBox.Text = string.Empty;  


If you're meaning an asp:TextBox with "[...]normal text boxes[...]", then the control's ControlState is responsible for saving the entered value. Unfortunately, you can't disable the ControlState (MSDN).

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