Tutorial :How do i remove   — – special characters from my XML files


this is a sample of the xml file

<row tnote="0">  <entry namest="col2" nameend="col4" us="none" emph="bld"><blst>  <li><text>Single, head of household, or qualifying widow(er)&#x2014;$55,000</text></li>  <li><text>Married filing jointly&#x2014;$115,000</text></li>  </blst></entry>  <entry colname="col6" ldr="1" valign="middle">&#x2002;</entry>  <entry colname="col7" valign="middle"> 5.</entry>  </row>  

the &#x2014; etc represent HTML 4.0 entities. i want to store each line's text as an element of an array, but not if the line is just &#x2002;

if e.text.strip =~ /^&#x20[0-9][0-9];$/ then  next  else  subLines << e.text  end  

but it doesn't seem to be working...is my regEx incorrect?


&#x...; isn't an entity reference, it's a character reference. To an XML parser, &#x2014; is absolutely identical to the raw character â€", so when you look at the DOM produced by an XML parser through a property such as element.text you won't see anything with an ampersand in it, but a simple â€" character.

So in principle, you'd match it with a regex something like /[â€"â€" ]/. However, if you are using Ruby 1.8, you've got the problem that the language itself doesn't have support for Unicode, so the character group in /[â€"â€" ]/ won't quite work properly: it'll try to remove every byte in the UTF-8 representation of â€", â€" and  , which will likely mangle any other characters.

A simple string replace for each target character would work correctly, as that doesn't require special character handling. (Naturally if you included characters like â€" directly in the source code you'd also have to get the file encoding of that script right, so probably easier to use a string literal escape like "\xe2\x80\x94".)


Because your regex is of the form /^...$/, it will only match against the entire string. You will only skip text that consists entirely of one HTML entity.

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