Tutorial :How can I read a QueryString in CodeIgniter?


I know it's been asked before, but I need it for affiliate tracking...


How can I get the params AND the $_GET parameters outlined in that URL?


And yet, sometimes you need access to GET variables in CodeIgniter.

One glaring example is when you use an API that sends a post-back to your site (Paypal, etc.)

The easiest way, in my opinion, is to parse a server variable with the GET data you need since $_GET has been wiped (in my example, REQUEST_URI has my GET data.):

parse_str(substr(strrchr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], "?"), 1), $_GET);  

This allows the functionality exactly where you need it without requiring a global change to framework settings.

Here is a usage example.

class Pgate extends Controller {     function postback() {        parse_str(substr(strrchr($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], "?"), 1), $_GET);        $receipt = $this->input->xss_clean($_GET['receipt']);     }  }  


You can always get the data like this:

$this->input->get('your_get_variable', TRUE);  

Hope this works!


If you really want to use the query string in codeigniter you can use http://site.com?c=controller&m=method&param1=x&param2=y

This isn't the convention in codeigniter usually people use slashes to delimit params.

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