Tutorial :How can I display flashfilms in ASP.net?


In my current project I have the following situation: A multipage PDF gets rendered by some nasty software into a flash film. My job is to display that rendered flashfilm (will be rendered as file) in my current asp.net application.

I don't know what the rendered flashfilm will look like, but I assume all flash files behave the same? Or are there differences I should know about.

What options do I have to display that flashfilm? Does ASP.net support some built-in object oriented control that allows me to display flashfilm?


You can easily display any flash file by using a plethora of techniques. And it's not built-in, but there are a number of controls and other libraries built by the community to deal with displaying flash content in asp.net, such as Flash Control (http://flash-control.net/)


what you refer to as a flash film is a .swf file. the recommended way to embed .swf files is SWFOBject , a javascript library


now, i'm no asp specialist , but you may be able to fill the gap between javascript & asp.

hope it helps!

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