Tutorial :Getting All Of The Points In An Existing Curve?


I'm using ZedGraph and want to know how I can find the points that make up an entire curve.

foreach(var Curve in GraphPane.CurveList)  {      foreach(var Point in Curve.???)      {          Console.WriteLine(Point.X+" "+Point.Y); // <- I'm not sure if this is correct, but this is what I want      }  }  

How can I accomplish this?


based on the docs (http://zedgraph.sourceforge.net/documentation/html/T_ZedGraph_CurveList.htm), maybe try something like this:

foreach( var Curve in GraphPane.CurveList )  {      for ( int i = 0; i < Curve.Points.Count; i++ )      {                  var Pt = Curve.Points[i];          Console.WriteLine(Pt.X+" "+Pt.Y);      }  }  

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