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Crayon Physics is a wonderful game because of the real motion of all the objects. Gravity and collision are two very important things in that game. I know that is the reason why it costs $19.95

Are there equivalent open source projects? I'm very interested in the code and all the physical laws. Or do I still have to go to school for a few years and then write it my own....

Here is another example (in Flash) where there are nice physics. I don't know with which words I should search for a project like this.



There are lots of open source physics engines. For example, have a look at the engines listed in this wikipedia article.


There are quite a few open-source physics libraries depending on what language you plan on using and if you need them for 3D/2D, but the best I know of are bullet for 3D and Box2D for 2D


Martijn, I'll bite.

Numpty Physics, (released open-source, GPL, here: http://numptyphysics.garage.maemo.org/ ) is a free game similar to Crayon Physics. It uses the Box2D physics engine (box2d.org) and has a built-in level editor.

In addition to the source code, you will also find binary packages for many popular operating systems.

Here's a shortcut to the code if you are impatient... 8)


Hope that helps you out... -Alan

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