Tutorial :Difficulty in testing a CSV upload, due to Rails thinking it should use it to populate test data


I have a case where I want to test a file upload but I'm having problems breaking a circle of pain.

  1. We are checking that the file uploaded is a CSV file, so the file should have the extention .csv.

  2. To test we need to use ActionDispatch::TestProcess.fixture_file_upload and we place the test file in the test/fixtures/files diectory.

  3. Now when I try to run a test, Rails sees this csv file in the sub-folder of fixtures and thinks it should use the file to populate some table. Which is wrong.

Is there any way I can tell Rails not to try and use this file for populating a table?

  • I can't rename the extension as that is what I'm trying to test.
  • I can't move the file out of fixtures as then the fixture_file_upload won't work
  • I can't seem to tell Rails to leave this file alone when populating fixture data.



Well the answer I've come up with so far is to move the files out of fixtures directory and to place the equivalent of "../" at the start of the filename (in the fixture_file_upload parameter) to make it backdown a level.

Not exactly a good fix, so would still like to hear if it's possible to tell Rails not to load the csv file as table data.

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