Tutorial :Difference between title and name in html href element


in an href in html, whats the difference between using

<a href="http://www.somesite.com/" name="The Name">  


<a href="http://www.somesite.com/" title="The Name">  

Is there any advantage to using one over the other?



Look it up in the spec, or better yet a resource that condenses the spec a bit. (And, then the spec if that isn't enough.)

title   text    Specifies extra information about an element  


The name attribute specifies the name of an anchor.

The name attribute is used to create a bookmark inside a document.

The href or the name attribute must be present in the tag


So, the name of the anchor is used for links like exampledomain.com/index.php#some_section, which would bring that anchor into focus on the page.

Many modern browsers will display the title attribute in a tooltip when hovering over the link. It's likely also useful for screen readers and such.


markup tag Node - Name -- is to identify the element and for lookup - title -- is default toolTip property. like ALT

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