Tutorial :Deploying an asp.net website on DomainHut.com hosting


I've called their tech support 3 times this morning and spent over $50 in long distance and have had no results. I was wondering if anybody here has deployed an ASP.NET website with DomainHut.com's hosting services.

I've set up my database on their server correctly, all tables, stored procedures and aspnet schema are there just like on my local machine, and I have changed the connection string to point to the correct server, but when I publish the website using the publisher tool to upload the website to www.mhn.co/mhnprofessionalservices but I'm only getting an 500 Internal server error. They have advised me to set <CustomError Mode="on"/> in the Web.Config file, and I have <Compilation debug="false"/> as well.

I need to get this site launched asap and I'm lost.


The issue with displaying the site was caused by the wrong version of .net, the server needed to be upgraded from 1.1 to support 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5. Thanks for your suggestions!

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