Tutorial :Comparing AJAX Treeview & GridControls from different vendors. Whose is better?


I've been working exclusively with ComponentArt controls and want to know what else is out there. What Grid and Treeview controls are worth investigating?

It doesn't matter if I need to pay for them... quality, speed, and reliability are key.

I've seen a few issues with the CA Grid Control has issues with setting the column width dynamically, and documentation is spotty. However it has a single programming model with the SOA offering. Are there better options out there?


Try dhtmlx Grid and dhtmlx TreeGrid , although these are javascript components we have used them with asp.net and find them to be very fast and flexible.


jqGrid is a nice AJAX-enabled grid written in JavaScript that has worked out well for me in several recent projects.

jQuery treeView looks like a bare-bones treeview that may be worth investigating, although I have not used it on any projects so your mileage may vary.


I use the Telerik's AJAX/Silverlight grids for my web apps and I am pretty content with them. The components are flexible and designed with the idea of rich set of features without compromising the overall performance. If you want to have a look at their online examples, go here.


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