Tutorial :Can I do away with this highlighting in HTML?


Whenever we select some text, the entire text area gets highligted. like this .

but is there any way to do away with this highlighting? I want just the color of the text to change and not the area to be highlighted as it appears in the image? am I clear enough?


Depends on which browsers you need to support. Not sure if Internet Explorer does support it, but here are the three CSS pseudo-elements you can try:

  • ::selection (works in my Chrome)

  • ::-moz-selection

  • ::-webkit-selection

For example:

p::selection { background:#cc0000; color:#fff; }

Also see http://www.quirksmode.org/css/selection.html


If you're talking about when someone selects the text in the browser (using the mouse or shift-selecting) then this isn't possible.


I take it all back - as @Dev F and @nico say, there's a selection CSS3 property. (Of course only some browsers will support this, but...)

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