Tutorial :C# to Automate an ASP.NET Website


I have a website to which I need to pass 4 parameters and then extract data programmatically but there is a big problem. The website is built into ASP.NET with FORM inside AJAX. So, I can fill one field programmatically and then I fill second field. There is a need to click a button in order to fill third field so I press button programmatically then. The problem is that when I click the button, the second fill gets empty before calling the button event and causes error.

So is there a way I can sharply fill fields without causing errors?


Take a look at web automation library such as WatiN - this lets you do this kind of interaction.


I agree with Oded and would like to add that as an alternative Selenium RC in combination with NUnit might be an option.


I believe IRobotSoft web scraper can do this kind of work. You will use two form filling actions, and add a Click action between them.

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