Tutorial :C++ Runtime Error caused by adding new function (which isn't ever used beyond it's definition)


This has been stumping me for a bit. I have a Class written in C++. Everything works fine. Next, I add function void A(); to the header file and run, It still works fine.
However as soon as I add a new function definition to the CPP file, I get a runtime error every single time. (specifically: Process terminated with status -1073741510 (0 minutes, 7 seconds)
void ClassName::A() { }
I am running using Code::Blocks on Windows, also strange but the permissions of the output directory are all changed after the crash and the folders/files are all set to Read Only.
Note: there are NO references/uses of the function elsewhere in the code, only the definition. I am interested in what sort of bug could cause this kind of runtime error? Possibly a memory leak somewhere?


Usually such an error is the result of memory corruption somewhere in the program.


Sounds like you have a wild pointer somewhere.

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