Tutorial :Are there any programs out there that will convert Java code to C++?


Are there any programs out there that will convert Java code to C++?


Java is a completely different language to C++. The code will probably have to be completely rewritten from scratch. Even if there is a Java to C++ compiler:

  • It wouldn't work on all Java code.
  • It would not write code that looks like it is written by a C++ programmer.
  • It would probably not use the ordinary C++ or STL types so even if it is valid C++ it wouldn't integrate well with any other code.

You can compile some Java code to native code. Maybe that would be a better approach for you.


I've used this utility with basic projects:



erotsppa - i wasn't aware of any until browsing this question. we had researched some java to c# tools a few years back with varied success.

anyway, a google search (which i'm sure you've done) turned up a few interesting results:

http://www.euclideanspace.com/software/language/xes/userGuide/convert/javaToCpp/index.htm http://www.scicontrols.com/R2J.htm



There could be potentially.

But the styles of the two languages are so different that the resulting C++ code would look very none C++ like and as such would be hard to maintain.

The real question is why yuo are trying to do this?


There's the JC Virtual Machine which translates Java bytecode to C, which is compiled and run: http://jcvm.sourceforge.net/

If you just want to use a Java library in a C++ application (or vice versa), then you should consider gcj from the GNU compiler collection instead. It's a java->native code compiler. The C++ compiler has specific extensions to interoperate with the code compiled with gcj, which means you can basically use a module written in Java as if it was written in C++.

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