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I want to add multiple BigInteger values to an ArrayList. All I have found is examples that repeatedly add single values, each expressed on their own line of code. I'm looking for something like

ArrayList<BigInteger> array = {bigInt1, bigInt2, bigInt3};  

and instead it's:

ArrayList<BigInteger> array = new ArrayList<BigInteger>();  array.add(bigInt1);  array.add(bigInt2);  array.add(bigInt3);  

Can it be done, without adding one element/line or using a for loop?


I'm not really sure what you're after. You have four alternatives:

1. Add items individually

Instantiate a concrete List type and then call add() for each item:

List<BigInteger> list = new ArrayList<BigInteger>();  list.add(new BigInteger("12345"));  list.add(new BigInteger("23456"));  

2. Subclass a concrete List type (double brace initialization)

Some might suggest double brace initialization like this:

List<BigInteger> list = new ArrayList<BigInteger>() {{    add(new BigInteger("12345"));    add(new BigInteger("23456"));  }};  

I recommend not doing this. What you're actually doing here is subclassing ArrayList, which (imho) is not a good idea. That sort of thing can break Comparators, equals() methods and so on.

3. Using Arrays.asList()

Another approach:

List<BigInteger> list = new ArrayList<BigInteger>(Arrays.asList(    new BigInteger("12345"),    new BigInteger("23456")  ));  

or, if you don't need an ArrayList, simply as:

List<BigInteger> list = Arrays.asList(    new BigInteger("12345"),    new BigInteger("23456")  );  

I prefer one of the above two methods.

4. Collection literals (Java 7+)

Assuming Collection literals go ahead in Java 7, you will be able to do this:

List<BigInteger> list = [new BigInteger("12345"), new BigInteger("23456")];  

As it currently stands, I don't believe this feature has been confirmed yet.

That's it. Those are your choices. Pick one.


BigIntegerArrays.asList(1, 2, 3, 4);  

Where BigIntegerArrays is a custom class which does what you need it to do. This helps if you are doing this often. No rocket science here - ArrayList BigIntegerArrays.asList(Integer... args) will use a FOR loop.


Arrays.asList(new BigInteger("1"), new BigInteger("2"), new BigInteger("3"), new BigInteger("4"));  

You could probably make a method that returns a new BigInteger given a String, called something like bi(..) to reduce the size of this line.


If using a third party library is an option, then I suggest using Lists.newArrayList(E... elements) from Google's Guava:

List<BigInteger> of = Lists.newArrayList(bigInt1, bigInt2, bigInt3);  

And if mutability isn't required, then use an overload of ImmutableList.of():

final List<BigInteger> of = ImmutableList.of(bigInt1, bigInt2, bigInt3);  

This is IMO a very elegant solution.


This is easily accomplished with a helper function or two:

import java.util.*;  import java.math.BigInteger;    class Example {      public static void main(String[] args) {          ArrayList<BigInteger> array = newBigIntList(              1, 2, 3, 4, 5,              0xF,              "1039842034890394",              6L,              new BigInteger("ffff", 16)          );            // [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 15, 1039842034890394, 6, 65535]          System.out.println(array);      }        public static void fillBigIntList(List<BigInteger> list, Object... numbers) {          for (Object n : numbers) {              if (n instanceof BigInteger) list.add((BigInteger)n);              else if (n instanceof String) list.add(new BigInteger((String)n));              else if (n instanceof Long || n instanceof Integer)                  list.add(BigInteger.valueOf(((Number)n).longValue()));              else throw new IllegalArgumentException();          }      }        public static ArrayList<BigInteger> newBigIntList(Object... numbers) {          ArrayList<BigInteger> list = new ArrayList<>(numbers.length);          fillBigIntList(list, numbers);          return list;      }  }  

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