Tutorial :Write a File in Phone Memory using J2ME


I have just downloaded the Samsung SDK 1.2 for Java Development.

Now, it's pure based J2ME architecture, so I have a requirement to store some files inside the memory for my application usage.

That file can have a .csv extension, so for that I have tried JSR 75's FileConnection class with following piece of code :

try {              FileConnection fconn = (FileConnection) Connector.open("file:///CFCard/newfile.txt");              if (!fconn.exists()) {                  fconn.create();  // create the file if it doesn't exist              }              fconn.close();          } catch (IOException ioe) {              System.out.println("exception = "+ioe);          }  

But in this case, it's giving me following exception :

exception = java.io.IOException: Root is not accessible   

So, I don't exactly, I am on the right track or not..

Thanks in advance.


The roots available to you vary between devices. Read the JSR 75 documentation -- the method FileSystemRegistry.listRoots() will be of interest to you.


I'm not sure about that "CFCard". For example, on my phone, I think it would be "file:///E:/newfile.txt"

I'll try to do some research about this

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