Tutorial :WPF, Clickonce and WCF


Is it possible to deploy with ClickOnce a WPF app that calls one or more WCF services?

It is a "normal" WPF app, not an XBAP WPF.

Does anyone has an example?


Not sure on the question.

I have a working WPF app that acts as a client to several WCF services. It is deployed via ClickOnce.

However, the deployment medium (clickonce) and the design pattern (WCF) really aren't related when you are talking about the client.

What are you trying to do, and what problems are you having?


Sure you can. A normal WPF app is just like WinForms. Consuming WCF services is behaviour that is allowed.

I don't have any samples by hand but simply googeling for standard ClickOnce Deployment should bring give you plenty of tutorials

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