Tutorial :Where can I find clientside Websockets examples?


I'm not currently trying to set up a server with Websockets. Eventually I will, but I first just want to see a short working example of websockets, connecting to a third party server.

I found a short example here: http://www.websockets.org/about.html and here http://blog.chromium.org/2009/12/web-sockets-now-available-in-google.html but couldn't get either of them to work.

Do you know where I can find a couple/few confirmed working client side examples of websockets? I believe websockets.org provides an echo address ws://websockets.org:8787 (so please don't tell me "just set up a server yourself!). Thanks!


phpwebsocket works quite well for me, takes 2 minutes to set up and start testing


jWebSocket is a custom implementation of web sockets but they're compatible with native browser web sockets and they have a number of demos available, including a really basic hello world and a chat client. Terrible framed website though, so you'll have to go there and click the links on the left side to get to the demos.

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