Tutorial :Where are xxx$UNIX2003 functions defined in osx?


I have an osx executable that runs succesfully. When I run

nm mono | grep UNIX  

on it, I get these results:

     U _accept$UNIX2003       U _bind$UNIX2003       U _closedir$UNIX2003       U _connect$UNIX2003       U _fwrite$UNIX2003       U _getpeername$UNIX2003       U _getsockname$UNIX2003       U _listen$UNIX2003       U _mmap$UNIX2003       U _mprotect$UNIX2003       U _munmap$UNIX2003       U _nanosleep$UNIX2003       U _opendir$UNIX2003       U _pthread_cond_timedwait$UNIX2003       U _pthread_cond_wait$UNIX2003       U _pthread_join$UNIX2003       U _recv$UNIX2003       U _recvfrom$UNIX2003       U _recvmsg$UNIX2003       U _semctl$UNIX2003       U _send$UNIX2003       U _sendmsg$UNIX2003       U _sendto$UNIX2003       U _setenv$UNIX2003       U _strftime$UNIX2003       U _unsetenv$UNIX2003  

Since the app runs succesfully, apparently the OS is able to succesfully resolve these symbols when it loads the application. I am trying to figure out which system library defines these symbols.

One likely suspect is /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib, however, when running

nm /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib | grep UNIX  

there turn out to be no symbols in there with the $UNIX2003 suffix.

I'd like to figure out where these symbols are defined, in relation to a build problem on a seperate program that does not succesfully run, but fails at runtime because it cannot find _opendir$UNIX2003.


See the definite discussion in this apple document, Symbol Variants Release Notes.

All these are defined in /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib. Note that it is a universal dylib, i.e. contains both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. On your box, you'll see something like

/usr/lib$ nm -arch i386 libSystem.dylib  | grep fputs  000c22c0 T _fputs  000328bc T _fputs$UNIX2003  /usr/lib$ nm -arch x86_64 libSystem.dylib  | grep fputs  00000000000551cf T _fputs  

The point is, there's no non-SUS compliant versions of these functions in the 64 bit variant. So there's no $UNIX2003 variant. I guess your linking problem is due to the supported architecture of your library.

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