Tutorial :What PHP/Shell Framework can be used to access HTTP-POST/-GET Forms (besides curl)?


I'm searching an abstraction layer from pure HTTP-POST/-GET using curl. It should somehow make it easy to define the Targeted script and it's variables.

I read something exists in the FreeX (german unix/programming magazine), but don't have the named magazine at hand.

What can I do? Stick with curl? What alternatives do exist?

Thank you in advance :)


As you tagged you question with "perl", you can use Perl. Try LWP - popular module, and much more convenient than curl. For more complex tasks, try WWW::Mechanize.


You might want to look at the HTTP Extension. It looks like a pretty complete abstraction implemented over curl.


If you want something more sophisticated, there is the Zend_Http_Client ZF Component.


You can use Streams to POST also. I generally prefer that over an extension or even cURL since it's core PHP and more likely to be there.

Though, I build open source software that gets installed on machines where the user has low privileges and likely zero control. Your users' options may be different.

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