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I have heard many times that SAP has a great career and SAP jobs have very good packages. I want to know what is SAP. Is it a framework like DotNet or a language or what ? Can I learn SAP on my own without any training from any institutions ?


SAP is a company. Technically, talking about "the software SAP" should trigger a syntax error. What people mean in most cases is the SAP R/3 system and one of the applications built on top of it. See this question for more information.


It is software for businesses. It can do accounting, planning, and all sorts of things that are done in a company.

It is especially interesting as a career path because the default SAP installation often has to be extended or changed, so that it fits that particular company. This is done by SAP specialist consultants, which are very expensive.


SAP is what one calls an Enterprise Resource Planner or ERP system. It does everything from payroll to make you coffee :-)


SAP SE is a German multinational that makes enterprise software. It is best known for SAP ERP and its predecessors (SAP R/2 & SAP R/3). As the name suggests, SAP ERP is an ERP system, which basically means that it supports a wide range of business processes from warehouse management and sales to HR, business intelligence, etc.

Although SAP ERP isn't the only software sold by SAP, people are typically refering to SAP ERP when they say "they're using SAP at work". It's important to note, though, that SAP is the name of the company and no software is sold or licensed as just "SAP".

SAP systems are typically implemented by third party consultants. Such consultants typically have one of three areas of expertise :

  • Functional consultants : they typically have a business education and focus on translating business requirements to functional specs and configuration in one or more SAP products
  • Technical consultants : they typically have an IT background and focus on bug-fixing as well as translating functional specs to custom implementations in one or more SAP products
  • Basis consultants : they typically have an IT background and are basically the sys-admins of the SAP world

Because SAP's business logic is so vast and much of its software is written in SAP's own 4GL language ABAP, most consultants are trained at the job. Formal SAP trainings are extremely expensive anyway (typically $2000 or more per course), and I don't think there are any legal ways to obtain any official course material without actually taking the course. This, in turn, makes the SAP dev community a rather closed and elitist community... which is one of the reasons many find it appealing.

If you're interested in ERP software, pursuing a career as an SAP consultant is definitely worth a shot. And don't worry about not having any experience with SAP software. Once you get hired, you should get a decent training.

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