Tutorial :What is the recommended method to read JSON data posted with JQuery AJAX in ASP.NET?


I currently have a JQuery Ajax method as below;

$.ajax({   type:"POST",   url: "default.aspx/UpdateData",   data: jsonString,   contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",   dataType: "json",   success: function(msg){    alert('saved');   }  });  

In the ASP.NET UpdateData method I'm using;

System.IO.StreamReader sr = new  System.IO.StreamReader(Request.InputStream);  string line = sr.ReadToEnd();  

I will then serialise this data using DataContractJsonSerializer.

Is using Request.InputStream the right way to read the JSON data? Can I retrieve it as a method parameter, or any other way that may be considered better?



You can retrieve the data posted as a method parameter:


$.ajax({      url: "default.aspx/UpdateData"      data: '{ testString: "test", testInt: 123 }',      ...  });  


[WebMethod]  public static void UpdateData(string testString, int testInt)  {      ...  }  

I would definitely recommend this approach as opposed to parsing the posted JSON. You can get a more complete example here: jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX PageMethods (see the second example)


You should send the JSON data in a POST variable. Then all you would have to do is access the request variable collection and pass the value into the parse method.

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