Tutorial :VIM: How to pass arguments to functions from user commands?


I am trying to create a user-defined command in VIM that takes one argument and calls a function with the user supplied argument. Seems simple but I am unable to get it to work. Here is the code from my foo.vim plugin:

function! s:MyFunc(myParam)      do something  endfunction    command! -nargs=1 MyCommand call s:MyFunc(myParam)  

When I try this out in a VIM buffer like this:

:MyCommand exampleParam  

I get the following errors:

E121: Undefined variable: myParam   E116: Invalid arguments for function <SNR>7_MyFunc  

What's wrong here? How do I fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Use <f-args>:

command! -nargs=1 MyCommand call s:MyFunc(<f-args>)  

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